How Your Septic System Works

Your septic system has two main parts; the tank and the drain/leach field. Your septic tank is alive with natural bacteria. Its purpose is to break down waste and release clear liquid to the drain field. When household wastewater enters, it separates into a scum layer on top (paper, grease, and organic material) and a sludge layer on the bottom. In between is clear liquid that exits the tank and is absorbed and cleaned naturally in the drain or leach field. Different bacteria work in both layers and the liquid to break down the wastes. This system works great unless the leach field gets plugged up. This can happen if the sludge layer builds up or the scum layer overflows and waste gets carried over to the leach field. The result could be costly repairs. That's why it is important to have your system working properly with natural bacteria and pumped out every 3-5 years.

How NuTank Helps Your Septic System

Since the septic tank is alive with bacteria, and they are doing all the decomposing, it is important to keep them going strong. But harsh cleaning products, anti-bacterial soaps, bleach, disinfectants, detergents, drain openers and other cleaners that we use every day, harm the bacteria that we need there.

NuTank is the solution. With regular monthly use, it supplies billions of super bacteria especially selected to work in your tank. They go right to work, recharging and replenishing the enzymes needed to break down each type of waste; in the scum layer, the sludge layer and even out to the leach field, keeping your system going strong.

Regular use of NuTank helps reduce solids and scum and keeps your system healthy.

Why Nutank Septic System Treatment?

NuTank Septic System Treatment provides billions of scientifically selected bacteria. These cultures are selected for optimum enzyme production to digest septic waste. They break down proteins, carbohydrates, cellulose (paper) and fats. NuTank Septic System Treatment keeps your system healthy and properly operating at full efficiency.

How Nutank Helps Your Septic System

Harsh chemicals and antibacterial products can wreak havoc on the bacteria that are needed in your septic system. NuTank Septic System Treatment re-establishes and maintains the delicate balance of beneficial bacteria and the enzymes that are needed to reduce solids and sludge buildup. This helps prevent expensive failures and backups. NuTank's Septic System Treatment bacteria are also carried over into your drain field (leach field) to reduce solids and prevent clogging there. A clogged drain field is one of the biggest and most expensive problems for septic system owners.

Odors Are Eliminated At The Source

NuTank Septic System Treatment rapidly digests odor causing organic wastes, thus eliminating odors
at the source with regular treatment.

From J&J Chemical Co. Trusted Name Since 1967

J&J has over 25 years experience in bacterial/enzyme products for septic tanks and portable toilets. Septic system owners have long depended on private label products made by J&J and supplied by their local septic pumping company. Together, with regular pump-outs, we've been keeping systems free-flowing and operating at peak efficiency reducing costly repairs.

Easy To Use And Fast Working

Simply drop one packet per month in the toilet and flush. NuTank Septic System Treatment is self-mixing and will completely dissolve. In addition, at pump-out, ask the pumping company to add a packet directly to the tank and another in the distribution box to get the system off to a good start.

Natural and Safe For All Plumbing

Scientifically selected bacterial cultures produce enzymes needed by your system and match what is already there. NuTank Septic System Treatment has no harmful chemicals and is safe for all systems. It actually helps clean the lines leading to your tank. Use with complete confidence.

Where Can You Buy Nutank Septic System Treatment?

Available through Stay Clean Inc.
Order today and help prevent costly failures and backups.
Keep your septic system healthy and working properly.